My very first interview: The Capable Body Podcast!

Hi everyone! One of my goals for 2017, and continuing on into 2018, was to say “yes” to any opportunities that came my way to grow my blog.  So, when my friend Matt Villegas asked to interview me for The Capable Body Podcast, I said yes! In this interview, I tell the story of how myContinue reading “My very first interview: The Capable Body Podcast!”

What I really want you to know

I never know quite what to call the posts in which I share a video. Every title I think of sounds either click-baity or boring.  Like for this one: “Mayo Clinic doctor explains central sensitization.”  “Awesome video on central sensitization,” etc. etc. In this day and age… what do you call something that truly isContinue reading “What I really want you to know”

The piece that didn’t fit

When I was young, all I wanted was to fit in, to be perfect.  To do what adults expected of me.  I never had a single cavity, I never missed the school bus.   I was always teacher’s pet. Then, when I hit adolescence, the reverse.  My depression; my eating disorder; I couldn’t function, couldn’tContinue reading “The piece that didn’t fit”

There is reason to hope.

I saw a comment on Twitter today which really broke my heart, so I wanted to write this and make it clear: If you are experiencing pain hypersensitivity (through central sensitization), there is every reason to hope. If your nervous system has changed one way, it is possible to change it back. It won’t beContinue reading “There is reason to hope.”

A way of giving back (free photos!)

Some of the stuff I’ve been writing about on my blog has felt a little bit heavy recently, so I thought I’d just take a moment and share something I’ve been meaning to for a while: When I first started blogging back in 2012, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, or if anyoneContinue reading “A way of giving back (free photos!)”