How to find help for Central Sensitization

Hi everyone! I recently heard from a reader who was looking for some suggestions on where to turn next, in terms of finding a medical professional to help him.  He said he’d been struggling with central sensitization syndrome for three years now, and had yet to receive any significant help. I thought his advice mightContinue reading “How to find help for Central Sensitization”

A successful experiment with acute stress

In my last post I outlined some ideas from Neil Pearson on how to stress our bodies in positive ways, in the hopes of re-shaping the way we process pain. I continued my experiment at the gym last night, and I think I stumbled upon the beginnings of what something like that would feel like.Continue reading “A successful experiment with acute stress”

The core message of pain neurophysiology education

In the traditional model of physical therapy, the physical therapist prescribes stretches and exercises for the patient in order to improve function in one part of his or her body. For example, if you have back pain, your PT will probably give you strengthening exercises to build up the muscles in your back and yourContinue reading “The core message of pain neurophysiology education”

There is reason to hope.

I saw a comment on Twitter today which really broke my heart, so I wanted to write this and make it clear: If you are experiencing pain hypersensitivity (through central sensitization), there is every reason to hope. If your nervous system has changed one way, it is possible to change it back. It won’t beContinue reading “There is reason to hope.”

What is pain neurophysiology education?

In a nutshell, pain neurophysiology education is the type of treatment for chronic pain that changed my life and inspired me to become a physical therapist. I’ve mentioned it in passing on this blog, but I decided it’s high time I give the topic its own post. *** In my series “How a physical therapistContinue reading “What is pain neurophysiology education?”