Why I fired my primary care doctor after 10+ years.

Sometimes I just can't believe the personal details I put online.  To be honest, I think that's why I don't work on this blog as often as My Sacroiliac Joint Saga.  It's super easy to provide people with factual information, with only a few personal tidbits thrown in. This blog, though?  This is the one [...]

Too much of a good thing: when people don’t really *get* pain science

I wanted to share a really important post with you all this morning, from the author of Chronically Undiagnosed. She's a therapist who is dealing with chronic illness.  Recently, she wrote about her experience attending a chronic pain support group that incorporated some of the theories of modern pain science... but did so very badly. [...]

The doctor who *almost* helped me (How I developed central sensitization, Part 6)

Okay, so here’s the story of the time I thought I’d found the right person to help me, which of course, made it all the more disappointing when it didn’t turn out to be the case. In telling my story, I’m choosing to gloss over every little ache and pain I had; every time I [...]

What’s in my chronic pain toolkit?

As I try to get braver about sharing this blog with the people in my everyday life (it's been relatively secret up until now), I want to be sure I'm clear about the fact that there are absolutely still days when I'm in pain. The purpose of my blog is not to tell you I've [...]

Learning about central sensitization: the power of naming, and the future of pain treatment

Whew. I have really enjoyed writing my more personal posts recently-- I love to tell a good story, and to feel as though my past experiences have some meaning.  (And I've really appreciated all your kind words, comments, and shares!). But also, wow-- some of those posts were very emotional for me.  Right now I’m [...]