So, I think I *do* have fibromyalgia, after all.

Wow... the past few months have been full of changes for me!  There's been a lot to deal with... but at the same time, I've been learning from it, and figuring a lot out. I don't always feel inspired to share super personal stuff on this blog, but I've heard from a few readers -- [...]

When the going gets tough, the tough start researching…

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you this post from my friend Clare over at Jelly-Like Joints. Clare is a science-lover and "bookish crafter" --a book lover who also enjoys arts and crafts.   She was born with a genetic condition that affects her connective tissues.   This causes her to have hypermobile joints, along [...]

The thing I was most embarrassed to write about

The thing I was most embarrassed to write about

Technically, I suppose it's bad form to brag about how much traffic you've been getting on your blog. However, I feel like it's a little different when a positive message comes with the bragging, so I wanted to share some of my updates with you all. I've come so far from where I was when [...]

The Four Categories of Pain– Dr. Jay Joshi Hi everyone! I've just discovered this awesome talk on central sensitization by pain management physician Dr. Jay Joshi.  It's totally packed with information I want to share with you all-- such as why it's so hard to get help for central sensitization, and how ketamine infusion treatments can help.  There's so much here, though, that I thought [...]