Body in Mind & Lorimer Moseley

Body in Mind is a really interesting group of neuroscience researchers based in Australia.  They study pain and what happens when the body’s pain processing system begins to malfunction.  According to the “Who We Are” section of their website, Body in Mind is:

“…exploring how the brain and its representation of the body change when pain persists, how the mind influences physiological regulation of the body, how the changes in the brain and mind can be normalised via treatment, and how we can teach people about it all in a way that is both interesting and accurate.”

Lorimer Moseley is one of the driving forces behind Body in Mind.  He does research focusing on the idea that pain is not an accurate indicator of tissue damage: sometimes we feel pain when there’s nothing wrong, and sometimes something can be very wrong and yet we feel no pain.

One of the things I really appreciate about Moseley’s approach is that he works a lot of witty anecdotes and stories into his explanations of pain, making them easy to understand (and also less depressing!).

Moseley wrote the book Painful Yarns , which is full of stories illustrating his argument that pain is not always an accurate indicator of tissue damage.

He tells some of those same stories in this TEDx talk.

Scientific Articles

Lorimer Moseley– Reconceptualising pain according to modern pain science

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