How I developed central sensitization, Part 4

I began to wonder if something about the compartment syndrome and the leg surgery could have changed something in my chemical makeup, weakening my body and depleting its healing response. After all, pain was supposed to be my body’s way of telling me that I was injured.  Something was broken; something was wrong. Time andContinue reading “How I developed central sensitization, Part 4”

Christopher deCharms: A look inside the brain in real time

I’ve been writing about some heavy stuff recently, so I thought it would be a good time to share something that makes me feel really hopeful: Christopher deCharms is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur who, along with other prominent researchers such as Dr. Sean Mackey, is paving the way towards using brain imaging to study andContinue reading “Christopher deCharms: A look inside the brain in real time”

Neil Pearson on the benefits of acute stress

I recently discovered this super thought-provoking article article from Neil Pearson on the positive effects of acute stress on the body. We normally think of stress in as the chronic, ongoing stress that continues for weeks on end, taking a toll on our body in the process.  However, there are ways in which acute stress–Continue reading “Neil Pearson on the benefits of acute stress”

There is reason to hope.

I saw a comment on Twitter today which really broke my heart, so I wanted to write this and make it clear: If you are experiencing pain hypersensitivity (through central sensitization), there is every reason to hope. If your nervous system has changed one way, it is possible to change it back. It won’t beContinue reading “There is reason to hope.”

Todd Hargrove: Seven Things You Should Know About about Pain Science

As I’ve mentioned recently, two things make me really happy, which I plan to focus on more in my blogging in 2017: Great explanations of pain and the nervous system Amazing writing and creative use of language Well, this fantastic article on pain science by Todd Hargrove at Better Movement has both, so of course it hadContinue reading “Todd Hargrove: Seven Things You Should Know About about Pain Science”