A Returning

“I have been away. I have often thought of how to begin this blog again after a long hiatus and then more time would pass and there it stood waiting for me to speak, write, and reach out. The reason for my silence is the same reason for beginning this blog. Living with chronic illness … More A Returning

Fear of authenticity

I’ve noticed something about myself, since I started this blog. I love, love, love sharing my writing with others, and forming connections. Every time I have a meaningful moment on here– let’s say I publish a particularly personal post, and people really respond to it– I’m exhilarated. I get totally fired up. I start planning … More Fear of authenticity

Favorite Posts from My First Year of Blogging: Part One

When I first started blogging, I had no idea if anyone would actually read what I had written.  I tried out all different types of posts, including more journal-like entries, pictures, and recipes, as I tried to figure out what type of blog mine would be. Hitting “Publish” on each one of those early posts … More Favorite Posts from My First Year of Blogging: Part One

Another blogging public service announcement: “Like-spamming”

You know those people who come along and “like” something on your blog, but when you go to check out their blog you don’t find a blog, but a website trying to sell you up for some kind of marketing scheme?  I’ve come to think of this as “like-spamming”– the people who seem to go … More Another blogging public service announcement: “Like-spamming”