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interesting article from Tufts University

“From most doctors she gets a rapid-fire diagnosis and a briskly offered treatment plan. In one city after another, the process is the same: it’s as though she needs brain surgery but is being handed an aspirin.”

I absolutely loved this article.  It is one of the most moving things I’ve read on the subject of chronic pain.  Click here to read it.


By the way, Tufts University has a master’s program in Pain Research, Education, and Policy, and I think it is one of the only programs like it in the country.  I went to an open house there once and met some of the faculty and I thought they were incredible people.  I definitely recommend checking them out.


Edit: This is embarrassing because I just re-read my original post and realized the link I had didn’t actually work.  Fixed it!

2 thoughts on “interesting article from Tufts University”

  1. I love that quote about needing brain surgery but being handed an aspirin. It is a very eloquent way of describing the medical community’s inability to treat patients with chronic pain.

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