How the Dynamic Neural Retraining System is changing my life

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share a bit with you about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System, or DNRS for short. As you may know, this past fall I was diagnosed with a condition of the immune system called mast cell activation syndrome. When I first got the diagnosis, I initially went into research mode, [...]

A groundbreaking new study paves the way for future treatments for fibromyalgia

Hey everyone! If you've been following my blog for a while, you've probably seen this absolutely incredible TED talk by Dr. Elliot Krane, on the nature of chronic pain.  It is seriously one of my favorite things to watch.  Chronic pain is terrible, but it's always so hopeful to me to keep track of how much we're [...]

Heat, Fibromyalgia, & Central Sensitivity Syndrome (or, why I can’t handle being hot!).

Hi!  So.. I try to keep the posts on my blog mostly cheerful.   I always want my blog to be a place that reflects a sense of hope and healing, where people can come to feel uplifted. But... I also blog to share my truth with people, and to connect. And the truth is that [...]

The story of my wrist, and the pot of boiling water (Finally, my own pain science metaphor!).

The story of my wrist, and the pot of boiling water (Finally, my own pain science metaphor!).

Using metaphors to explain how pain works One of the original reasons I started this blog was to get the word out about the various pain scientists and educators whose work has touched my life (including, but not limited to, Neil Pearson and Lorimer Moseley). From them, I've learned that pain isn't here to make [...]

Pain is like Memory: Dr. Jay Joshi on Central Sensitization Okay.  I've really been looking forward to publishing this post. Here, we're revisiting the same great talk by pain physician Dr. Jay Joshi.  In my last post, I outlined what Dr. Joshi says are the four main categories of pain. Central sensitization is the type that is, unfortunately, the least understood.  And it's also [...]