Heat, Fibromyalgia, & Central Sensitivity Syndrome (or, why I can’t handle being hot!).

Hi!  So.. I try to keep the posts on my blog mostly cheerful.   I always want my blog to be a place that reflects a sense of hope and healing, where people can come to feel uplifted. But... I also blog to share my truth with people, and to connect. And the truth is that [...]

Things I’m grateful for: people who are brave enough to tell the stories I’m not

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8S8XcPt6Bo I've just discovered Rachael Steil's sharing of her story as an elite college runner with an eating disorder. And I've really been blown away, both by her bravery in telling her story, as well as her clear and honest explanations of what she and other people with ED's go through. I still haven't shared [...]

Powerful female hormones, injuries, and pain

Something I've really come to notice during my time with SI joint issues is the effect of my hormonal cycle on my ligaments. I saw a female pain specialist once who put it very plainly: I have extremely healthy women come into my office-- women who are runners, women who are training for marathons-- and sometimes it [...]

A successful experiment with acute stress

In my last post I outlined some ideas from Neil Pearson on how to stress our bodies in positive ways, in the hopes of re-shaping the way we process pain. I continued my experiment at the gym last night, and I think I stumbled upon the beginnings of what something like that would feel like. [...]