What I love about winter is how everyday scenes can become beautiful, under different conditions. Here are some photos I took off of my porch after last week's storm.  It snowed all day, and then stopped right before sunset.  I have lived here for almost a year, and I had never seen these colors. I… Continue reading Crystallized

My Story

Sense of Place

Ironically, I have a feeling this is going to be somewhat of a meandering post... because I have a lot of thoughts I want to share on the topic of staying in place. I moved somewhat recently (last spring) after living with family for several years. I didn't move far (still in the suburbs of… Continue reading Sense of Place

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I only understood myself…

A few days ago, I went for a walk around this beautiful historical estate that's practically next to where I live now. I've been making some big changes in my life recently, and some of them have been pretty difficult.  This park feels like home to me, so I went there to clear my head.… Continue reading I only understood myself…

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Do we feel more pain when we’re alone?

Ruby seemed to have a lot of energy this morning, so I decided to take her for a walk at our favorite spot.  We walked for about half an hour-- me all bundled up, and Ruby wearing her nice new $45 coat (oy!). The path was a bit slippery following yesterday’s snow storm.  There was… Continue reading Do we feel more pain when we’re alone?