The benefits of swimming in cold water

Today, Ruby shocked me by taking her first swim of 2014.  It was awesome. As you may remember from my previous post about her, Ruby is my family’s 14-year-old Lab mix (she’ll be fifteen in July!).  She is a spunky, spirited dog, but due to some benign tumors in her left hip, as well asContinue reading “The benefits of swimming in cold water”

Do we feel more pain when we’re alone?

Ruby seemed to have a lot of energy this morning, so I decided to take her for a walk at our favorite spot.  We walked for about half an hour– me all bundled up, and Ruby wearing her nice new $45 coat (oy!). The path was a bit slippery following yesterday’s snow storm.  There wasContinue reading “Do we feel more pain when we’re alone?”

Dealing with a Pet in Pain

Hi everyone, Wow, it’s been quite a while since I posted on here.  It’s been great to see some new followers roll in, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you. One of the reasons I haven’t had much time to write recently is that Ruby, my family’s 14-year-old Lab mix, has been havingContinue reading “Dealing with a Pet in Pain”