5 thoughts on “Australian university decides to no longer offer chiropractic training”

  1. I didn’t know any Australian universities offered chiro! Most of the courses I’m aware of are run by natural / alternative therapy colleges, which I think is more appropriate, really.

    1. I agree that chiropractic in its current incarnation doesn’t belong at a university, although I’d like to see some changes made to chiropractic programs in general. I think the best model for performing chiropractic-style adjustments is that of the physical therapist who performs these adjustments as one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. I’d like to see chiropractors/chiropractic programs ditch some of their outlandish claims and focus on the things they actually can treat. Ideally, chiropractors would be seen as more like massage therapists or physical therapists, and less like alternative doctors.

  2. This is good news! Chiropractic should be studied at universities, but in “history of medicine” classes, along with teaching other discredited “treatments”, like homeopathy, blood-letting, acupuncture, the 4 humors, etc.

    1. I completely agree, in terms of the idea of chiropractic unlocking some kind of vital “lifeforce.” I do think that chiropractic-style manipulations can be helpful, to a limited extent, for musculoskeletal issues, which is why some physical therapists perform them now too. But the whole belief system surrounding chiropractic, and the idea that it can cure everything from allergies to chronic ear infections, of course, has no place at a university. I basically agree with the guy they quote in the article, about how chiropractic is “polluted” with the concept of correcting energy flows (although perhaps polluted isn’t the right word, since these ideas have basically been part of chiropractic since its inception).

      1. Whatever good chiropractic has should just be subsumed into physical therapy. This means that chiropracters should be re-educated as physical therapists. Chiropractic as an independent discipline should be be discontinued(legally and for insurance purposes), due to its pseudo-scientific foundation.

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