Kim Komando: 6 great ways to make money online

Kim Komando: 6 great ways to make money online Usually I find articles on this topic to be a disappointment, but this one actually had some good advice.  I personally might look into Tigerfish to see if I can earn some money typing up transcripts– hadn’t heard of it until now.  Enjoy!

Another blogging public service announcement: “Like-spamming”

You know those people who come along and “like” something on your blog, but when you go to check out their blog you don’t find a blog, but a website trying to sell you up for some kind of marketing scheme?  I’ve come to think of this as “like-spamming”– the people who seem to goContinue reading “Another blogging public service announcement: “Like-spamming””

Seeking your opinion on my blog layout

Hi everyone… you might have noticed that I’ve been changing the theme/layout of my blog a lot recently.  I mostly liked the way it looked with the Twenty-Ten theme, except I thought the black bar at the top where all the page titles were listed was extremely ugly. So I finally purchased the Custom UpgradeContinue reading “Seeking your opinion on my blog layout”

My thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombings

When I first started this blog, I promised myself I wouldn’t get into any political issues on it.  I actually love discussing politics and current events, but in this space, I want to help people regardless of their political views. However, this blog means a lot to me personally, and I have poured a lotContinue reading “My thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombings”