Physical Therapy

Most people are familiar with physical therapy as a place you go for sports injuries– you sprained your ankle, or hurt your knee.

However, there are a lot more dimensions to the field of physical therapy than most people are aware of, and some can be really useful for people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and other long-term health issues.

In this section of my blog, I thought I would highlight some of these lesser-known aspects of physical therapy, in case they can be of use to any of you!

Women’s Health & Pelvic Floor PT

These two specialty areas are very much overlapping.  (Pelvic floor PT is for men too– it’s just more common for women due to the prevalence of pregnancy-related issues!).

Pelvic Floor PT deals with the muscles that support the base of the pelvis.  They help maintain proper function of our vital organs, and also help with our overall strength and posture.

If you have digestive or reproductive issues, you may be surprised to find that the muscles of your pelvic floor may be playing a role or actually causing your discomfort.  A pelvic floor PT can evaluate and treat these conditions and help you restore function and reduce pain.

This page is still somewhat under construction– more to come!