Baring My Soul // Future Novel

How I developed Central Sensitization:

We’re taking it back to the early 2000’s:

  • Part 1: High school running, my eating disorder, and pushing my nervous system to the breaking point
  • Part 2 The straw that broke the camel’s back… “glass back syndrome,” and the pain that never fully went away
  • Part 3 This strange pain that had no explanation… could something have changed or gone wrong in my body?
  • Part 4 My doctor was convinced it had something to do with my mental health… I was not convinced
  • Part 5 My desperate search for answers took me pretty far off the beaten path…
  • Part 6 The doctor who *almost* helped me

Calming Your Nervous System: My experience with pain neurophysiology education

  1. Hitting rock bottom
  2. Finally, an approach that made sense
  3. Why we need different treatments for acute vs. chronic pain
  4. When the brain thinks everything is dangerous
  5. At the intersection of pain and mental health
  6. Readjusting my concept of what is “dangerous”
  7. The importance of exercise that doesn’t increase pain
  8. The one caveat, and looking toward the future
  9. How I’ve (mostly) made sense of my issues