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What is pain neurophysiology education?

In a nutshell, pain neurophysiology education is the type of treatment for chronic pain that changed my life and inspired me to become a physical therapist. I've mentioned it in passing on this blog, but I decided it's high time I give the topic its own post. *** In my series "How a physical therapist… Continue reading What is pain neurophysiology education?

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A Returning

I have been away. I have often thought of how to begin this blog again after a long hiatus and then more time would pass and there it stood waiting for me to speak, write, and reach out. The reason for my silence is the same reason for beginning this blog. Living with chronic illness… Continue reading A Returning

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A Clearing

So I've been clearing out all the old stuff from my storage unit.  Finding so many reminders of all the plans I once had. The high-heeled boots I bought senior year of high school, right before the Halloween dance.  My friends and I were all going to go as "sexy cops."  (I know). My running… Continue reading A Clearing

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San Francisco, Revisited

It's so interesting for me to go back to San Francisco. As you may remember, I spent a few weeks in SF back in June, following a good friend's wedding in Napa Valley. I actually just wrapped up another trip out there. I spent most of September in SF, staying with a friend and trying… Continue reading San Francisco, Revisited

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Reading List: Vulnerability

This is the question that has consumed me recently: how do people take their most precious and guarded memories, and spin them into stories, unfurling them to the world? It seems so easy when other people do it-- when you read a famous, heart-wrenching novel for class, and analyze its themes. “I could do that,”… Continue reading Reading List: Vulnerability