Healing our bodies, and the things that ripple across generations

A little over a year ago, I started a second blog to focus on what I’d come to think of as this weird hip problem I’d had for years that no one seemed to understand (sacroiliac joint dysfunction). Among friends, I usually tried not to talk about it too much, because I didn’t think anyoneContinue reading “Healing our bodies, and the things that ripple across generations”

How I developed central sensitization: Part 5

For a few years, I was stuck: caught between all of the doctors I saw, who thought there was something wrong with me psychologically, and the fact that deep inside of me was a calm, inner voice that knew it just wasn’t true. *** Feeling as though I’d run out of other options, I becameContinue reading “How I developed central sensitization: Part 5”

Can music block pain signals? Music-induced analgesia

I, personally, have known for a long time that music could help reduce my pain levels.  It’s just something that I always knew intuitively. Listen to music (good music, of course) –> feel better. That’s why I was so intrigued when I found the following post from my friend Jo Malby on some of theContinue reading “Can music block pain signals? Music-induced analgesia”

A Clearing

So I’ve been clearing out all the old stuff from my storage unit.  Finding so many reminders of all the plans I once had. The high-heeled boots I bought senior year of high school, right before the Halloween dance.  My friends and I were all going to go as “sexy cops.”  (I know). My runningContinue reading “A Clearing”

San Francisco, Revisited

It’s so interesting for me to go back to San Francisco. As you may remember, I spent a few weeks in SF back in June, following a good friend’s wedding in Napa Valley. I actually just wrapped up another trip out there. I spent most of September in SF, staying with a friend and tryingContinue reading “San Francisco, Revisited”