There is reason to hope.

I saw a comment on Twitter today which really broke my heart, so I wanted to write this and make it clear: If you are experiencing pain hypersensitivity (through central sensitization), there is every reason to hope. If your nervous system has changed one way, it is possible to change it back. It won’t beContinue reading “There is reason to hope.”

What is pain neurophysiology education?

In a nutshell, pain neurophysiology education is the type of treatment for chronic pain that changed my life and inspired me to become a physical therapist. I’ve mentioned it in passing on this blog, but I decided it’s high time I give the topic its own post. *** In my series “How a physical therapistContinue reading “What is pain neurophysiology education?”

A Returning

I have been away. I have often thought of how to begin this blog again after a long hiatus and then more time would pass and there it stood waiting for me to speak, write, and reach out. The reason for my silence is the same reason for beginning this blog. Living with chronic illnessContinue reading “A Returning”

Because the world needs you

For the first time in, oh, slightly over ten years, my health issues are not seriously obscuring my ability to deal with life. Mostly through learning about the body, and getting stronger, but also adjusting the way I do things, and my expectations… I’ve come so, so far from the places I once was. IContinue reading “Because the world needs you”

A Clearing

So I’ve been clearing out all the old stuff from my storage unit.  Finding so many reminders of all the plans I once had. The high-heeled boots I bought senior year of high school, right before the Halloween dance.  My friends and I were all going to go as “sexy cops.”  (I know). My runningContinue reading “A Clearing”