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Useful chronic pain terms to know

In my blog, I talk a lot about central sensitization, which describes the changes that can take place in a person's nervous system and make her more sensitive to pain. However, there are many other pain-related terms you will most likely come across, whether you're doing your own research or simply trying to understand your… Continue reading Useful chronic pain terms to know

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interesting article from Tufts University

"From most doctors she gets a rapid-fire diagnosis and a briskly offered treatment plan. In one city after another, the process is the same: it’s as though she needs brain surgery but is being handed an aspirin." I absolutely loved this article.  It is one of the most moving things I've read on the subject… Continue reading interesting article from Tufts University

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The Nervous System and Chronic Pain

Sometimes, pain can persist even after the original injury or disease that caused it has healed. There are several different factors that can cause this.  The one that's played the largest role in my own life involves the concept of neuroplasticity-- the idea that the nervous system can change over time, and that in chronic… Continue reading The Nervous System and Chronic Pain

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A little bit more about my story

People that know me in real life have seen that over the course of the past ten years, I have often had some kind of physical problem that's limited my ability to walk, drive, work, or even hang out with friends.  Someday when I get brave enough to share this blog with friends and acquaintances,… Continue reading A little bit more about my story