Someday there could be a test for fibromyalgia

One of the reasons I am so optimistic about the future is that someday I believe we will have a way for doctors to see just how much pain a person is in.  It won’t be a matter of taking the patient’s word for it (though that should be enough) or wondering whether or notContinue reading “Someday there could be a test for fibromyalgia”

Understanding pain as an overprotective friend

Let’s say you’re sightseeing at the Grand Canyon.  You are with a trusted friend enjoying a scenic overlook when notice your friend is walking a little bit too close to the edge of the cliff. “Hey, watch out!” you say.  You can see that no one else is standing that close to the edge.  YourContinue reading “Understanding pain as an overprotective friend”

Amazing TED Talk: The Mystery of Pain as a Disease

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this video until now.  It was incredibly validating, and I absolutely loved it. It is given by Elliot Krane, who is a pediatrician and anesthesiologist at Stanford University.  He discusses a lot of the changes that take place in the nervous system of a person with chronic painContinue reading “Amazing TED Talk: The Mystery of Pain as a Disease”

The Nervous System and Chronic Pain

Sometimes, pain can persist even after the original injury or disease that caused it has healed. There are several different factors that can cause this.  The one that’s played the largest role in my own life involves the concept of neuroplasticity— the idea that the nervous system can change over time, and that in chronicContinue reading “The Nervous System and Chronic Pain”