Amazing TED talk: Deep Sea Diving in a Wheelchair

I was so inspired by this TED talk that I had to share it with you all. Sue Austin is a multimedia, performance and installation artist who lost the use of her legs due to an illness. A new world opened up for Austin when she received her powered wheelchair, yet she was disheartened byContinue reading “Amazing TED talk: Deep Sea Diving in a Wheelchair”

Seeking your opinion on my blog layout

Hi everyone… you might have noticed that I’ve been changing the theme/layout of my blog a lot recently.  I mostly liked the way it looked with the Twenty-Ten theme, except I thought the black bar at the top where all the page titles were listed was extremely ugly. So I finally purchased the Custom UpgradeContinue reading “Seeking your opinion on my blog layout”

Appreciating our anatomy

Hope this picture doesn’t gross anyone out– I thought it was stunning.  I’m all about cultivating a sense of appreciation for how amazingly intricate our bodies are.  I also love creative works that convey this sense of wonder in an artistic way. I found this picture at the Facebook group I fucking love science… IContinue reading “Appreciating our anatomy”