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Violins and enhanced sensory maps

I recently learned about a fascinating study that I had to share with you all.  Researchers took two groups of people-- professional violinists and regular, everyday people off the street-- and pricked everyone's index finger with a pin.  The violinists reported feeling much more pain than the non-violinists, even though everyone's finger was pricked in… Continue reading Violins and enhanced sensory maps

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Ugh… way too true

I just found this really great article that cut close to home.  It's about the tricks people use to con others into thinking they've got some great new alternative healing method.  I hate to admit it, but over the years I've definitely been taken in by some of the tricks the author lists here.  Looking… Continue reading Ugh… way too true

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New York Times: The Long Search for Fibromyalgia Support

New York Times: The Long Search for Fibromyalgia Support Just found this really great NYT article from 2009.  It tells the story of Judy Robinson, who developed fibromyalgia after having abdominal surgery.  It took her four years of searching for answers and being made to feel as though she was crazy before she found a… Continue reading New York Times: The Long Search for Fibromyalgia Support

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Amazing TED Talk: The Mystery of Pain as a Disease

I can't believe I haven't seen this video until now.  It was incredibly validating, and I absolutely loved it. It is given by Elliot Krane, who is a pediatrician and anesthesiologist at Stanford University.  He discusses a lot of the changes that take place in the nervous system of a person with chronic pain… Continue reading Amazing TED Talk: The Mystery of Pain as a Disease

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interesting article from Tufts University

"From most doctors she gets a rapid-fire diagnosis and a briskly offered treatment plan. In one city after another, the process is the same: it’s as though she needs brain surgery but is being handed an aspirin." I absolutely loved this article.  It is one of the most moving things I've read on the subject… Continue reading interesting article from Tufts University