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Building Back My Muscle Strength

The more knowledge I’ve acquired about the human body, the more I realize that most of the problems I have now are due to lack of muscle strength. When I developed compartment syndrome at the age of seventeen, it was due to over-training for the spring track season (combined with the fact that I had… Continue reading Building Back My Muscle Strength


Things you should know about stretching

When I’m at the gym, nothing makes me cringe more than watching someone walk out of the locker room, go over to the stretching area, and bob up and down doing toe touches.  This is what’s known as ballistic stretching, and it’s bad for you. Over the past few years, science has revealed many new… Continue reading Things you should know about stretching


Face to face with my lack of ab strength

The only good thing about being out of shape is that it doesn't take very much to get a good workout. Ever since I’ve been having my lower back and hip problems, I’ve known that I needed to work on my abs.  I’ve been a physical therapy patient far too many times not to know… Continue reading Face to face with my lack of ab strength