Heat, Fibromyalgia, & Central Sensitivity Syndrome (or, why I can’t handle being hot!).

Hi!  So.. I try to keep the posts on my blog mostly cheerful.   I always want my blog to be a place that reflects a sense of hope and healing, where people can come to feel uplifted. But... I also blog to share my truth with people, and to connect. And the truth is that [...]

How to find help for Central Sensitization

Hi everyone! I recently heard from a reader who was looking for some suggestions on where to turn next, in terms of finding a medical professional to help him.  He said he'd been struggling with central sensitization syndrome for three years now, and had yet to receive any significant help. I thought his advice might [...]

So, I think I *do* have fibromyalgia, after all.

Wow... the past few months have been full of changes for me!  There's been a lot to deal with... but at the same time, I've been learning from it, and figuring a lot out. I don't always feel inspired to share super personal stuff on this blog, but I've heard from a few readers -- [...]