Hello, and welcome to Sunlight in Winter!

I’m Christy, and I’m an aspiring physical therapist.  I started this blog several years ago to share what I’ve learned on my own personal journey with chronic pain.

From there my focus has grown.  Now I also write about health & fitness, developing a healthy relationship with your body, and my journey through life itself.

I also run My Sacroiliac Joint Saga, a blog focusing on sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

I hope what you read here is helpful to you!

For more about me:

My story: Gives you a little more background info about me, my journey, and why I write a blog.

My writingSuper personal stuff I still can’t believe I put on the internet, but I keep going in the hope of helping others.

38 thoughts on “About”

    1. That’s interesting! I’ve heard a few stories like yours, of people who cut out gluten and felt a lot better. I have to admit, the different types of gluten-intolerance confuse me a little bit. I have tried reducing gluten before, but never completely eliminated it. It’s definitely something to think about for the future. Thanks for your comment!

      1. If you aren`t sure, it is best to just cut all of it out, spelt and oats and everything else included. Then, after two months, you can introduce one new possibility a month, so you know if you can handle it or not. It really is a poison that seems to stick around forever, the two month mark feels like almost magic! Some acupuncture and yoga has been shown to help as well. Keep going, you`ll get better eventually!

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