Favorite Posts from My First Year of Blogging: Part One

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When I first started blogging, I had no idea if anyone would actually read what I had written.  I tried out all different types of posts, including more journal-like entries, pictures, and recipes, as I tried to figure out what type of blog mine would be.

Hitting “Publish” on each one of those early posts was such an adventure for me.  I got so excited about each new “Like” and each new follower (actually, I still do).  And each new comment totally made my day.

It’s fun to look back now and see how the blog has evolved.  Each one of my posts was a learning experiment, and each supportive comment I got was an inspiration, helping me to figure out the direction I wanted my blog to go in.

With that in mind, I wanted to include this little timeline of my favorite posts of the past year.  If you’re a newer reader, you probably haven’t seen most of these posts.  And if you’re an older reader, I’m hoping you might remember some of these posts as fondly as I do.

As always, I am curious what you think.  Was there a particular post that resonated with you, or a certain topic you’d like to know more about?  Let me know!

December 2012

A little bit more about my story—A slightly longer version of my story than what you’ll find on my About Me page.

The Pain Clinic—The story of my very disappointing experience at a highly-regarded pain clinic with a months-long waitlist.

Coffee: A Great Tool for Dealing with Chronic Pain—I am obsessed with coffee, and I swear it helps with my level of pain.  I got so sick of seeing so many “alternative health” sites post warnings about the dangers of coffee, without acknowledging some of its potential benefits.  So I wrote this.Photo12280915

Have you Ever Tried Yoga?  This is meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek.  Please take it with a grain of salt. :)

Names for chronic pain—This is one of the first posts I wrote, to lay a foundation for the topics I would be writing about later.  It outlines some of the various terms that medical professionals use to describe chronic pain states.

Some of the terms are really helpful and interesting; others are unhelpful, or possibly even damaging to the patient’s chances of getting real help.  It’s good to be aware of both.

Christmas 2012— Just photos


January 2013

Why You Should Learn a Little Anatomy— Please read this one.  I really think it’s great :)

February 2013

Violins and enhanced sensory maps – about how the same parts of our nervous systems that are responsible for talent and learning are also the parts that can cause us to develop chronic pain conditions.  Pain and talent might be two sides of the same coin.

violin on side

How to Talk about Pain: Central Hypersensitivity– I am always so happy when I read articles by a researcher who really gets it.

Know Your Enemy—I stumbled across an opinion piece on Medscape.com written by a rheumatologist who says he intentionally “weeds” fibromyalgia patients out of his practice because they do not “interest” him.

A Post for Aaron Swartz — In honor of a generous spirit and Internet pioneer.

aaron swartz flickr

So… I Lost an Ovary—The title of this one is pretty self-explanatory.  Ugh, what an awful month last February was.

Beware the Red Herring—Looking at how some medical issues—and the pseudoscientific fads that accompany them—can obscure other more important issues.

That’s it for Part One of this look back.  Stay tuned for Part Two!

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