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Great article– The Clinical Concept of Fibromyalgia as a Changing Paradigm in the Past 20 Years

Excerpt from “The Clinical Concept of Fibromyalgia as a Changing Paradigm in the Past 20 Years” — Maryann Fitzcharles and Muhammad Yunus

“Neurophysiological studies have contributed to the acceptance of FMS as a valid condition. Demonstration of objective changes in the research setting has given clinicians the confidence to acknowledge a condition that presents with only subjective complaint and no objective clinical findings [1]. Dysregulation of pain processing has been demonstrated at various levels in the nervous system, but we still lack an objective test in the clinical setting to confirm a diagnosis or gauge response to treatments [1, 7]. However, this is no different than other well-recognized conditions, for example, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraine, and depression. It is undeniable that depression is a serious condition and yet it lacks an objective test.

Even with objective scientific support of abnormality, some scepticism still exists regarding the validity of subjective complaints requiring complete reliance on the practice of the art of medicine [8]. The controversy regarding the existence of this syndrome should now be put to rest. Efforts should be directed towards better understanding of the neurophysiological abnormalities, improved clinical recognition of patients, and translation of mechanistic studies into optimizing treatments. In this paper, we will present current concepts of FMS, which can be applied to the rational management of these patients. This paper will address current concepts and challenges pertaining to the clinical understanding of FMS.”   (Italics mine).

This is a great article if you want to read about fibromyalgia from the perspective of a scientist.  Muhammad Yunus is one of the preeminent researchers of fibromyalgia.  Check it out!

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