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snow streaks

I spent much of this weekend huddled in my house, hiding from winter storm Nemo.  I have to be honest– it was kind of fun.  I secretly enjoyed the driving ban– in a weird way, it was nice to have about 24 hours where I had no choice but to stay home and relax.  Normally I push myself to get out on the weekends and prove to myself that I still have a social life, but this Friday night was different.  No one was doing anything; it was illegal to drive, and nothing was open.  So I took it as a chance to stay in and catch up on blogs I’ve been meaning to read.

I found some really great blogs/posts this weekend.  There are a few in particular that I find myself still thinking about, hours later.  Great writing transforms you; it takes your breath away and makes you forget where you actually are.  To the authors of these posts: thank you.  I really feel like I learned something.

Interestingly, all of the posts I am choosing to link to are part of a series of posts on each blog.  I didn’t want to link to all the posts in the series (thereby spamming their respective authors with a million pingbacks) so I am only linking to one post for each.  I’m sure you guys can figure out the rest :)

Here are the links, in no particular order:

Does Your Journey Seem Long: a series of posts by author Stina Morrison on her experiences with endometriosis.  Her story really resonated with me.  Click here for part one.

Fibro Feist: an ongoing series of posts by my blogging friend Sarah called “What I need you to know.”  I just read her most recent post and it completely blew me away.

While I Wait: A Journey of Recovery: a blog written by Ana Turck, a native Sarajevan who survived the Bosnian War.  I was incredibly moved by her series of posts “They Are Coming.”  By the end of Part 2 I was actually crying (another sign of good writing!)

I hope these stories resonate with you all as much as they did with me.  And again, thank you to the authors of these posts!  Your writing was truly thought-provoking.

Hope everyone had a great weekend (and that anyone else in Nemo’s path had as relaxing a time as I did!).

ruby storm 3The dog was on patrol, as you can see.

9 thoughts on “Posts that blew me away

  1. Fibro Feist says:

    Thank you for including my series in your post. It’s my greatest joy to know my readers connect with my experiences and the words I use to relay them. I also love, love Ana Turck’s blog. Simply breathtaking.

    • Ana Turck says:

      Often I question the need for another war story and then the readers help turn the self doubt into a writing process of purpose.Thank you. Your blog is my daily treat so please keep up the great work you do.

  2. Ana Turck says:

    Thank you for your beautiful and kind words. The transformative power of narrative is just a part of the healing process.The relationships of our readers with our stories make the writing ever so important.I was touched by your response and I am thrilled that I’ve found your blog.

  3. stinamorrison says:

    I’m so flattered that you would find my posts about endometriosis worthy of sharing. Thank you for your kind words! I can’t wait to check out the other blogs you listed as well. I agree that great writing is transformative!

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