Hello world!

Beginning with a severe running injury I developed as a long-distance runner in high school, my body has begun to resemble a row of dominoes that someone knocked over.  Basically, you can pick the first domino back up and stand it up again, but good luck managing to get them all standing again without any of them falling and starting the whole chain reaction again.

I am starting this site because I feel the information and medical treatments that have helped me over the years are too far hidden from public view.  I have spent hours– probably totaling up to months– researching health issues online and in books and by talking to doctors, and I believe patients need to be armed with as much information as possible.  Quite frankly, even the best doctors overlook things sometimes, and there is nothing like knowing what you’re talking about.   I had to see five different gastroenterologists before I got a correct diagnosis for the digestive problems I was having.  And still, that was only after I checked a book out from the library and asked the fifth doctor for a specific diagnostic test.

I don’t know why the medical field misses so many things, or why it is so easy for patients to sometimes fall through the cracks and have their diagnoses missed.  The best I can do is put the information I have gathered out into the world, in the hopes that it might help the next person to find an answer faster than I did.

If you are reading this, I hope this blog helps you.  Feel free to ask me any questions you might have; I would love to feel as though my experiences can help other people.

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